Terms and Conditions


[Please print and sign this page after booking/when requested]
There are two ways in which the booking can be established. Firstly, after the initial enquiry, the client can either send a deposit (usually bank transfer) to secure the date and then can choose a later date to do the trial at the client’s and my convenience OR the client can choose to have an early trial to establish whether or not to proceed. In this case, the trial has to be done as soon as possible to enable the wedding date to be freed up and offered to someone else should it not be what the client is looking for. If the latter is the chosen option, then if after said trial the client wishes to book, full payment for the service provided (for Bride only) is payable. This confirms the booking. If some time is needed to reflect upon the results of the trial, then the trial price is settled with an AGREED reflection time given. Once that time has passed, the date is automatically offered up as “available” to anyone else who has either already enquired or to anyone else in the future. A reminder MAY NOT necessarily be given, so clients must keep lines of communication open if they are interested in proceeding.


Payments are 50% refundable if cancellation of a booking is done less than 12 weeks of the wedding booking and a trial has not yet been done. TRIAL ONLY payments are NON REFUNDABLE. They are only made at the trial and not before, so after the trial if you are not sure of going ahead, payment for the trial only is made. Please make sure you have funds to pay for the trial on the day of the trial, unless they were made prior to the trial electronically. No electronic trial payments will be taken AFTER the trial has taken place unless they can be done from the premises if a client has the facility to do so.


Can be made by cash or electronically. Electronic payments can be made either immediately if the client has a facility to do this via mobile phone, OR once the client has returned home. However, if payment isn’t made, the date is no longer held. An agreed payment time will be discussed with the client, but no reminders will necessarily be given. Confirmation Payments are NON REFUNDABLE. It is for this reason that the client will be asked if they are 100% happy with everything. Small irregularities such as skin colour changes needed due to future tanning etc can be ironed out either on the day or a 2nd re run will be offered, free of charge, at a location convenient to myself. Also, if the client notices that the foundation didn’t wear as well as hoped, I am happy to do another re run of the problem areas, free of charge. A 2nd re run is also offered to anyone having a very early trial (anything earlier than 6 months before the wedding) BUT it is not an automatic right and will only be offered if it fits in with my work commitments.


Clients must have means to pay available directly on the day of the trial. If “special circumstances” need to be arranged, it must be discussed prior to the trial. It is possible to defer, split or arrange payment into instalments in certain, rare circumstances.


These are discussed with the client prior to the actual wedding date. Some clients will be settling for their bridal party, others will be asking individual members to settle for themselves. If agreed that advanced payment is preferred by the client and myself, then an electronic transfer will be arranged (products and travel fees are preferred in cash, though not compulsory). If agreed that payment is to be settled on the day, then cash is required. If the bridal party members are paying for themselves, then cash can be taken.


Payment terms for destination weddings are generally conducted in the same manner than domestic weddings. However, I recommend EARLY TRIALS to guarantee the best travel costs. Early flights or travel bookings mean the best prices. I am happy (and generally do) undertake all travel arrangements as soon as flight and train schedules are published by airlines as well as accommodation arrangements. Once agreed on arrival and return dates, I will require reimbursement for travel arrangements immediately after having booked them. Where possible, I aim to book accommodation with a free cancellation policy to make clients’ lives easier should they need to change arrangements, but if this is not possible, the client will be liable for any cancellation costs if cancellation is due to their reasons.


Cancellation of a domestic booking from the client’s part will NOT be refunded if made less than 16 weeks before their wedding date UNLESS I am able to rebook the date. Please make sure that insurance can cover such a loss if the wedding itself is cancelled. I will only have taken payment for the Bride if cancellation is made up to 1-2 weeks prior, so NO losses will be incurred for potential bridal party members. If cancellation is made after full settlement of total makeup costs for bridal party (usually this means it is a week prior to the wedding) then NO refund will be made as I will not be able to refill the date.


Cancellation of a Destination booking WILL NOT BE REFUNDED. I tend to book these well in advance and most destination wedding booking dates will be enquired about by several clients, and once I have said I am unavailable, they are likely to have booked with another artist and therefore I cannot rebook the date. I will also have done much research and travel arrangements which I will assume any payment to be used against for my time as an admin fee. All costs for travel and accommodation that are non-refundable by travel operators and airlines will not be refunded to the client, however, where possible, I try to book accommodation with a flexible cancellation policy, so can reimburse in some cases. If the trial and confirmation of booking has already taken place, then this too will be non-refundable.


Cancellation on my part due to double booking the date (which thankfully has never happened) will be fully refunded. The first deposit received will constitute the rightful client being eligible, so please keep all correspondence including deposit receipts that I email you to guarantee your booking. As I said, thankfully, it’s never happened!


Cancellation due to ill health, accident or emergency on my part will be dealt with in a fully professional manner. A substitute artist or artists will be offered from my comprehensive list of contacts and if they are not suitable to the client, then a full refund will be offered. Again, thankfully this has never happened on my part and by “ill health, accident or emergency” I really mean severe injury to not enable me to move legs or arms, hospitalisation or death! Any other illnesses will still mean that I will attend (with the bride’s consent of course – in case of contagiousness!). I reserve the right to cancel any client who does not adhere to the TERMS AND CONDITIONS or who gives me due cause to believe their intentions are dishonest


Whilst I do not treat larger party bookings as a priority and am happy to take bride only bookings, certain steps will be taken for significant changes to numbers or timings that will have previously been discussed and accounted for. If any more than 2 people are dropped from the party after already discussing numbers at the trial, then a 20% surcharge of whatever was initially quoted for them will be charged for each person dropped any less than 4 weeks of the wedding date. Clients must liaise with all parties concerned (photographers and venue especially) as to regards timings. Any changes to arrival times may not be possible to honour (though all attempts will be made to do so). Any requests for an earlier arrival time will be honoured and agreed if nothing is preventing me/us from arriving earlier. However, the agreed preparation time will be adhered to, so an earlier start will mean an earlier finish. If someone requests that I/we arrive earlier to accommodate the client stopping for lunch or for a photographer to take pictures ahead of departure time but then still wants me/us to stay until a time nearer departure (in other words leaving us waiting around for any length of time) will be denied if an extra agreed payment for this time is not settled. The client will NOT be subjected to such a payment if we are taking extra time to get everyone in the bridal party finished within the previously discussed timing and either we are taking a little longer than normal or we have been delayed.


I am used to fitting in large bridal party numbers. If a booking is made with a relatively early ceremony time and a large bridal party requires our services, then I will bring in another make-up artist or hairdresser (or someone who does both skills) to enable everyone to be done on time. Our best efforts will be made to find an artist with similar price range but small differences in price may occur and will be discussed with the client prior to confirmation of said additional artist. If no-one suitable can be found amongst our contacts, it may be for the client to have to supply someone themselves. If there is ample time to fit everyone in with a realistic arrival time but the client doesn’t want us to start that early, then an another artist will be brought in to help get everyone ready. THIS COULD INCUR AN EXTRA COST. Likewise, a split location will incur and extra cost for time taken to pack up and drive over to the venue, unpack and continue working on the bridal party. This is usually charged at the rate of doing an extra person in the bridal party (depending on time taken to accommodate this request).


I am not in a position to guarantee exclusivity for the date. Where possible, a 2nd wedding or trial may be booked on certain dates (popular summer dates especially) BUT they will NEVER be taken on if it compromises either client. Therefore, timings and numbers will be taken seriously into account before committing to such bookings. If a client is urging me to take their wedding on with the knowledge that I have already got a booking, then I ask that they take this into account. If a client books and hopes to be the only booking of the day, then they must be aware that it may be a case that I may not be exclusively available for them (though as stated before, I would only ever take on another booking that allowed for timings/location to fit in). Bride only bookings are more likely to be affected by this. An EXCLUSIVITY PAYMENT can be arranged if preferred. Please note that this is extremely rare so please do not let this influence your booking!


Please be aware that I do use images for my own social media purposes. If any clients have an objection to this, please make it known upon booking either before meeting or at the trial. Clients’ names can be withheld and are rarely used in full unless they wish to be tagged LIABILITY.
I am not liable for any recommendations made regarding other suppliers, either after having been confirmed for the client’s booking OR by recommending a supplier for a client with whom I am not going to be working with. Feedback is always welcome regarding a non-satisfactory supplier, but I will not be liable for refunds for poor service from such persons. I have public liability cover and insurance.
I have read and understood Terms and Conditions
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